Hello. Crowdwish is a service for people with seemingly intractable challenges. Need to track down a missing relative? Want Harrods opened up in the middle of the night for a private shopping trip? Think you should have your own business, but don’t know what it’s going to be? Can’t find the love of your life? Wish you could go back and apologise for that terrible thing? Need to find your dream house but don’t have time? Got ‘issues’? Feel like you were destined for something higher but don’t know where to start? Want to properly understand your family’s past? Worried your child’s going off the rails? Not happy or fulfilled? Whatever your problem is, email help@crowdwish.com and we’ll be back to you almost immediately. You can see the Crowdwish archive here. Read the press here. Check out the Crowdwish pilot here. Watch the Crowdwish Talk at Google here. Buy the Crowdwish book here.